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Braden Diehl started Braden Technologies back in early 2018 to start pursing his dream of doing what he loved. Throughout the years, the Braden Tech team continued to grow and in 2020, Braden Technologies hit another major milestone, become an award-winning video production agency. In June of 2021, Braden Technologies made the transition to BT Media to focus strictly on providing the best video content in the area.



With years of experience, BT Media has one goal; exceeding our client's expectations. Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority and we'll work with each of our clients to ensure they are receiving our best content, at the best value. We continue to reinvest the best equipment on the market, using top brands like Canon, DJI, and Apple. Our company is run 100% on top-of-the-line Apple computers using professional apps such as Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

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